Artisphere Launch Campaign


It’s easy for couples to fall into routine, and neglect the delicate art of dating. Sharing a pizza on the couch and wading through a full DVR does not a date make. Or sometimes, a good date goes bad (#WorstDateEver) and just needs saving.

Artisphere was the solution — a unique, dome-shaped building in Arlington, opening on 10-10-10. It boasts three theatres, three galleries, a ballroom, an outdoor terrace, a restaurant, a wine bar — and seemingly unlimited date night potential.

This campaign combines the classic rhetoric of cause advertising (Save the baby seals) with the ubiquitous call-to-action of invitations (Save the Date), to draw attention to the opening of Artisphere, and serve as a reminder to viewers that only they can rescue their own humdrum social life.

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